The Evolution of Biofuel

Next-generation, straight-swap fuel substitutes for the 21st century.

Introducing EEL Biofuels

Transportation is crucial to the ongoing economic growth that forms the foundation to all of our livelihoods. It is unlikely that we will ever cease needing to move people and products around towns and cities, countries and continents.

However, the means by which we achieve this has become a significant part of the most existential threat to our civilization; climate change.

Up to 76% less GHG emissions

EEL Biofuels produces non-feedstock, high-energy density liquid biofuels by processing a genetically modified strain of algae.

The resulting biofuels are capable of powering heavy transportation including airplanes, marine shipping and heavy trucking rigs whilst producing up to 76% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than their fossil fuel counterparts when burnt.

making it sustainable

The time is now

The threat of climate change to our environment is so clear and so present that the notion of waiting for coordinated remedial action by the world’s industrial powers is unthinkable.

Timely deployment of these next generation biofuels will help preserve jobs in industries related to vehicle production, filling stations, jet engine manufacturing and many others while reducing the adverse effects that feedstock biofuel production has on food security.

EEL Biofuels has a clear and singular mission in mind: to effect change on the world by pioneering renewable, cleaner fuels that inflict less harm both in their production and in their utilization.